1985 Super Powers Cup Holders from Burger King

When DC Comics and Kenner launched the Super Powers Collection in the eighties, they created an action figure series that is still loved by comic fans. The classic characters, incredible artwork, and top-notch toy design make the series — visit kennersuperpowers.com — all came together at the exact right time to leave what may be the best superheroes action figure line of the eighties out there for collectors to obsess over . . . even today.

And the line was so popular at the time that it wasn’t limited to the toy aisle, as this 1985 Burger King commercial shows. Cup holders that function as toys is a fun idea; why don’t we see this at the fast food places today?

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  1. I had the Batman and Darkseid as a kid. At the time, I had no idea who Darkseid was. Needless to say, I liked the Batman one better.

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