1987 Starcom Catalog from Coleco

I got this in about two months ago, just a little too late to find its way into my Each Sold Separately* and Action Figures Not Included*, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share the catalog with you guys. This is one of those very long, very skinny catalogs that were kinda common back in the eighties and seeing all of these old Starcom toys makes me think it’s a line that is due for a revival. Wouldn’t it be great to see someone snatch the license and try a relaunch?

Looking at the size and design of the toys I’m going to state that we should see Onell Design with this property. Just imagine all of the fun to be had with Glyos-scaled action figures and vehicles from the Starcom line!

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5 thoughts on “1987 Starcom Catalog from Coleco

  1. Wow, I had completely forgot I had a couple of these. I had the M-6 Rail Gunner and Shadow Parasite. Seeing this again makes me want to track some down again. I’m also wondering why this was never resurrected? I would think this could still hold up these days, it looks very modern.

  2. I have a few of these sets and figures…I missed getting them when they were in stores, but a certain fellow collector who was enthusiastic about the series helped start me on them not too long ago, and they are absolutely incredible. Every toy has a clever hidden spring-loaded gimmicks and are incredibly well-engineered. Very fun to handle! I really need to get more someday.

    Back when Matt was designing the Glyans, he originally intended them to be roughly Starcom scale, but that proved a bit too small for good Glyos functionality, so he scaled them somewhere in between that and the standard Glyos scale. So a revival would have to definitely be scaled up a fair bit. 🙂

  3. I love these toys and wonder how they haven’t come back. The play value from these are incredible – the magnetics, the spaceships, the automatic transforming, the compatibility and interlocking of smaller vehicles, the playsets and NO batteries!!
    Someone needs to revive these 🙂

  4. Missed out on these completely as a kid, but they’re fantastic. Thank you for posting those wonderful scans!

    I agree, someone should bring these back. With the latest trend towards simpler, less articulation and fewer moving parts in toys I’m guessing stuff like this will remain a fond memory.

  5. Loved these as a kid. I’m also surprised someone hasn’t resurrected them, even if they were exactly the same as the originals. They would seem to fit today’s market really well.

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