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Sculpted by Gentle Giant and produced by Diamond Select Toys, the upcoming Iron Man 3 Movie War Machine Action Figure* certainly looks tempting. And at $21 the price doesn’t feel terrible considering it’s from a smaller company and the toy stands 7-inches tall. I just wish I’d had awesome experiences with Diamond Select’s work in the past; that Alice: Madness Returns Card Guard (review here) was so disappointing I’m now unsure of the company’s other toys. I need to open an awesome Diamond Select action figure very soon to erase the memory of that Card Guard.

Buy at Entertainment Earth!*

The War Machine Armor just got an upgrade! Piloted by Tony Stark’s longtime confidant James “Rhodey” Rhodes, “War Machine” is an even more heavily armed version of the Iron Man armor, and Iron Man 3 Sees the suit get a new red, white and blue paint job. This highly detailed Marvel Select Iron Man 3 Movie War Machine Action Figure measures over 7-inches tall, features 16 points of articulation, and comes ready to display in the famous Select-style blister card. Sculpted by Gentle Giant.

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3 thoughts on “Affiliate Link – Iron Man 3 Movie War Machine Action Figure

  1. Hmmm….after seeing Iron Man 3, I’ve been in the mood to collect some Iron Man suits/armor. I haven’t been able to figure out which line to collect.

    Hot Toys would be the first choice of course, but as I’m not a millionaire, that’s out of the question. I thought of trying the Revoltech line, but after checking out a bunch of reviews, I don’t know if they are 2x as good as the Marvel Legends style figures (as they cost 2x as much after import fees). $21 for this guy puts him at just a few dollars more than the Marvel Legends/Iron Man line, so that could have made it a worthy line, but I guess I need to read some more reviews.

    Have you had any experience/preference with any of those other lines?

  2. Sorry. Just to clarify, by “Marvel Legends/Iron Man Line,” I meant the Hasbro 6″ line.

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