Affiliate Link – Knight Rider KITT Super Pursuit Mode Minimates Vehicle

So who else was watching Knight Rider in the eighties and remembers the debut of the “Super Pursuit Mode” design? What? Oh, okay. My brain is telling me to shut it because no one wants to hear some old guy talk about bad eighties television, so instead I’ll just direct your attention to this upcoming Knight Rider KITT Super Pursuit Mode Minimates Vehicle* and let everyone giggle at the fact that I remember watching the episode live where this first appeared. Yeah, I’m that old.

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How could we possibly improve on our Minimates Vehicles Series 3 KITT. vehicle from Knight Rider? By giving it the additional parts it needs to enter… Super Pursuit Mode! Equipped with added spoilers, air intakes and rocket boosters, the 4-inch vehicle can accommodate two 2-inch Minimate figures, and comes packed on a blister card.

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