Chopper, the “Grumpy” Astromech Droid

Everything I’ve seen for Star Wars: Rebels looks and feels perfect. The creative team behind the new animated series clearly loves — and, more importantly, gets the Star Wars universe — and the Chopper reveal at tells me they’re creating characters we will love. Super-fantastic-amazing fun!!!

Enlarge Image!
Enlarge Image!

The video introduction to Chopper is also crafted in such a way to keep me excited about the Star Wars: Rebels animated series . . . to the point I’m trying to figure out how I’ll get to see this since Gina and I dumped cable and just use Netflix. Come on, Netflix, and make this happen for all of us so we’re watching the episodes as they are released. Please.

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3 thoughts on “Chopper, the “Grumpy” Astromech Droid

  1. I’m finding that I’ve really started to look forward to watching this one. I hope there’s some cool ship designs that get made. I’ve heard the Imperial Troop Transport makes an appearance–and I’ve been waiting for that to make a comeback for a loooooong time!

  2. @Jay – Thanks! I’d missed the action figure reveal. I am pretty excited about this new series and hoping it’s good. I bet we see a lot more in a few weeks at NYTF.

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