Diamond Select Toys’ Retro Spider-Man Action Figure

Diamond Select Toys announced Retro Spider-Man, a MEGO-like Spider-Man action figure inspired by the classic seventies 8-inch toy. The limited box set includes the figure, two different Spider-Man costumes, and the head, hands, and costume to create a Peter Parker action figure.

Entertainment Earth is offering pre-orders* on the toy, but the $70 price tag is likely having an impact on just how many people go after this toy. Really, folks, $70 is a lot for a MEGO-like recreation of an old toy. Especially considering how many times this style of toy is attempted . . . but good luck to Diamond!

Visit Diamond Select Toys!
Visit Diamond Select Toys!

Future figures in the line will include Captain America, Thor and Wolverine, and each will come with alternate outfits and parts. Each set will be limited to just 3,000 pieces, and retail for approximately $80. Pre-orders are open for Spider- Man now, and he will be on store shelves in late 2014.

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2 thoughts on “Diamond Select Toys’ Retro Spider-Man Action Figure

  1. Well, it was $80 or nothing, so we tried to pack as much value into the package as possible. I think EMCE did a great job.

    And while Famous Covers and Hasbro’s Signature Series were very nice, nothing beats a Mego. Dr. Mego has been training for this line his entire life, so expect great things.

    1. @Zach Oat – Thanks for dropping by! I totally understand costing and the headaches involved, I just fear that too many people will compare this to similar releases. (And besides the manufacturing costs you’ve got licensing to cover.)

      As I said, good luck with this. It’s a neat idea and I hope it works out for you guys.

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