Glyos System Concepts by Matt Doughty

Glyos System Week may have ended last week (index of Glyos System Week posts), but that doesn’t mean that we’re finished looking at the Glyos System (Onell Design) here at the site.

Today we’ve got concept art from Matt Doughty that shows off a very early Pheyden, looks at some various alien possibilities, and even shows one of the bendy toy characters Matt has wanted to make. I don’t know if he’ll ever make a bendy toy, but if he does it may very well be the first bendy toy that actually grabs my attention.

2 thoughts on “Glyos System Concepts by Matt Doughty

  1. Bendy toys are pretty rare these days. I remember having some Star Wars bendy figures in the 90s. These days, I only see bendy figures as novelty items during Easter or Christmas. I think a bendy Glyos figure would be a welcome addition to the line.

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