Glyos System Influences: Starcom

So just where did the Glyos System (Onell Design) come from? What influenced the creation of the toys and the setting? Well, Glyos System Influences is a speculative series in which I look at toys of the past and try to connect them to today’s Glyos System action figure series.


Your best source of information on the Starcom series is, a site devoted to the toys and the animated series. Dive in and search the site for everything you need to know and looks at the toys, the animated series, and a bizarre selection of branded collectibles.

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For our purposes, the most important part of Starcom in relation to the Glyos System has to be the size and look of the action figures. 2-inch micro-figures, Starcom wasn’t the first line to use mini-action figures but when you compare the look of the Starcom toys to the Glyos System action figures — check the above photo and then look at this Glyans shot at the Glyos Transmission Web Log — I think you can get an idea of why I see this old series as an influence on Glyos.

And we can even take it a step beyond the action figures and zoom our focus over to the Glyos System Rig (last reviewed here) and its role as a small mini-vehicle for the Glyos System toys. Compare the boxy look of the Glyos Rig to the various Starcom vehicles shown at and again, I think the designs speak for themselves. No one toy is an exact match, but the influences are there.

Storyline influences are less strong; sure we get a space force but that’s such a common element of all sci-fi toys that it’s barely even worth mentioning. No, when it comes to Starcom’s influence on the Glyos System I’m gonna have to stick with the size of the toys and the look.


What do you think influenced the creation of the Glyos System action figures? There are a few key and powerful influences, but I thought it would be fun to start with what I consider to be more obscure influences and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “Glyos System Influences: Starcom

  1. That’s awesome! This newest series of figures specifically reminded me of Starcom. I have a couple of those figures still, some of the few left over from my childhood.

    I was thinking about how much the new series colors reminded me of Starcom and I thought, man if only Glyos had magnets in their feet! Awesome toys can get awesomer, methinks!

  2. @Wesitron – Actually, tiny magnets aren’t all that expensive to buy and someone with patience and a dremel could probably mount magnets in the feet. That would be fun!

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