Hasbro’s 6-Inch Scale “Star Wars Black” Deluxe Action Figures

I love to poke fun at the Star Wars Black series (Amazon.com search*) distribution woes — including posting pics from Mexico — but ultimately I would like to see the line performing well at retail. After all, I need that 6-inch scale Star Wars Black Blue Snaggletooth!

Enlarge Image!
Enlarge Image!

Well, Hasbro isn’t quitting yet . . . as the announcement of the 6-inch Jabba and Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper proves. It’s not a Landspeeder or Dewback sized to the Star Wars Black line, but that Speeder Bike is an acceptable step in the right direction . . . for now. Hasbro, you had better have a Landspeeder or Dewback ready for announcement at SDCC or else . . . well, or else nothing. But make one of them anyway, please.

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Enlarge Image!

STAR WARS® THE BLACK SERIES 6-Inch Deluxe Action Figures
(Ages: 4 & up/ Approximate retail price: $39.99/ Available: Fall 2014)
The STAR WARS BLACK SERIES 6-inch Deluxe assortment takes STAR WARS action figures to the next level with the introduction of iconic in-scale vehicles and alien creatures, all featuring the incredibly accurate design and high level of articulation fans have come to expect from the STAR WARS BLACK SERIES. Each sold separately.

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  1. @John Maddening – Last night at dinner it was suggested that a SDCC exclusive Jabba would have special accessories. But I haven’t seen any official announcements.

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