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Next week, on November 2, I’ll be visiting Medieval Starship in the Boston area for an evening of teaching Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice and generally answering questions and having fun. You can find information on my visit at the Steve Jackson Games website.

If you live in the area and have free time that evening please swing by and say hi. In addition to the fun of games I’m also always ready to talk toys, so stop by and we can nerd the place up as I crush all comers at Zombie Dice. (Or as I lose, which seems the more likely outcome.)

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2 thoughts on “Medieval Starship Visit Next Week

  1. You should come to Jetpack Comics in Rochester, NH and do a thing. They have Cthulhu and Zombie Dice and probably a bunch of other Steve Jackson stuff and they would probably be down for it, they host local comic artists nights and things.

  2. @Black Zarak – I’d love to, but I’ve only got so much time on these trips. But I get out to Boston a few times a year so maybe that’s a store I can get to one of these days.

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