Poe Ghostal’s Site on Hiatus

In an announcement on Friday, fellow toy blogger Poe Ghostal announced that after six years he’s closing down the site. Citing several reasons for the closure, Poe closes the door on what was a fun site . . . but assures us that he’s not going away and will remain involved with other sites.

Visit Poe's site!
Visit Poe’s site!

This is unfortunate, because while we often didn’t agree completely, I always found Poe’s arguments quite intelligent and I enjoyed chatting with him and the occasional round of “arguments” we would wind up posting online.

Poe’s first point for closing the site — “First and most important, I just don’t have the same enthusiasm for working on the site that I once had.” — doesn’t quite match my own feelings, but I can sympathize with him. Running a toy blog can sometimes be an exercise in frustration, and the fact Poe kept the site going as long as he did means that all of us got to enjoy thousands of posts about toys.

Thanks for all of the fun posts, Poe, and good luck on future projects!

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5 thoughts on “Poe Ghostal’s Site on Hiatus

  1. Good riddance, never liked his site. He complained constantly, barely collected anything, and was negative most of the time. I think he received undo credit just for the age of his site. I found his posts negative and tedious and am glad he has left, clear room for people who actually enjoy and participate in the hobby.

  2. Man, that stings! Poe is one of the main sites (other than this one and The Fwoosh) that I visit regularly for my action figure fix. Do you know if he’s just ceasing to post and keeping it up as an archive? Or is he pursing the nuclear option?

    1. I believe the site will be kept up for archival purposes, hosted by the fine folks over at Collection DX. He’s got a wealth of reviews and some pretty fine interviews from people inside the industry over there.

  3. None were more shocked by the news than I, but it was really no big surprise. I’ve been a “fan” of Poe before his site while he was still a regular over at OAFEnet. I’ve been following the web site since the beginning and even have had the opportunity to be a contributor. I think by branching out on his own he made a really special place.

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