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Line: Marvel * Manufacturer: Hasbro * Year: 2009 * Ages: 4+

“The Hulk claims to be the strongest one there is. That isn’t quite true. Under normal circumstances, the mighty Thor, the Abomination, the Glob, the Juggernaut and quite a few others are just as strong or stronger than everyone’s favorite greenskinned Goliath. However, circumstances can rarely be called normal when they involve the Hulk. While he can usually lift 70 tons without breaking a sweat, the Hulk is an inhuman engine of destruction whose strength increases in direct proportion with his anger. The longer a battle lasts, the stronger he gets and there doesn’t seem to be any limit to his strength.”
— from Hulk: The Incredible Guide

You’ve most likely already read my reviews of the 3.75-inch scale Marvel Universe Green Hulk (review here) and Red Hulk (review here) action figures, which means that this Grey Hulk review is largely a quick skim and a glance at some photos. After all, Grey Hulk has no new parts that aren’t found in those two figures; the only thing that sets this guy apart from the others is his paint job.

Click to enlarge the image.
Click to enlarge the image.

Grey Hulk Bash!

Obviously, I was wrong in my review of the Red Hulk action figure (review here) when I said that the left fist was new to that toy. No, actually the fist is the new component on this Grey Hulk; when glancing at this guy before I didn’t look close enough to see that he had a different left hand than the Green Hulk. I don’t think knowing that back in March or April would have changed my thoughts on buying a Grey Hulk, but I felt it important to point out my previous mistake. What Hasbro actually did was give us a Green Hulk, then a Grey Hulk that used the basic with a new left hand, and then a Red Hulk that started with the Grey Hulk and added a new head.

Will we get a Blue Hulk and, if so, which piece on his body will be replaced with a new component? (Hit this page at Hulk Collection to peek at the Blue Hulk.) I vote for new legs.

Click to enlarge the image.
Click to enlarge the image.

Great Paint!

Each Marvel Universe action figure has some problem or other, many times paint issues, but the Grey Hulk that I bought has clean, excellent paint apps. The dark grey wash over the light grey body really makes the figure’s sculpt pop, while the paint on the pants looks better than what we were given on the Green Hulk and Red Hulk figures. The eyes look good, the hair is well done . . . overall, this is one of the best paint applications I’ve seen on a toy in this series. I have to wonder if the figure I found was a second run — which would point to the line continuing to improve — or if it was a first run figure that had the Nick Fury (review here) sticker applied to it.

Click to enlarge the image.
Click to enlarge the image.

Fury Files Update

I pulled out the various codes that I hadn’t entered yet and sat down and tried them all this morning. Every code worked except the Silver Centurion Iron Man code (review here), so it looks as if Hasbro has waves one through four on the site. I wish they would have the system running so that I never get the error message, but in general I have to congratulate Hasbro on creating a very fun website for the series. The extra information on each figure is fun to read, and seeing that main page showing which figures you own (and which ones you are missing) kinda turns the entire process into a mini-game.

I’d love to see some other toy companies take this approach with action figures. Masters of the Universe Classics, for example, could have used codes to unlock short web comics.

Click to expand the photo in a new window.
Click to expand the photo in a new window.

Are You Collecting this Series?

I’ve now posted several different reviews of action figures in this series, and I haven’t made any secret that I’m loving the series, but I’m starting to wonder how many of you guys are also grabbing the figures in the Marvel Universe line. Have you grabbed one or two? Are you fanatical about the series and snagging every release? Or are you completely ignoring the line?

Click to enlarge the image.
Click to enlarge the image.

Closing Thoughts

So there’s just one Marvel Universe Hulk missing from my collection; I may have to solve that problem. The Grey Hulk looks good, even if he’s just basically a repaint, but he is by no means a requirement for a casual collector. If you’re just grabbing one or two releases in this series, and do not have a Hulk yet, I’m gonna have to recommend you go for the Red Hulk. If you’re a Hulk fan, though, then you’re gonna want one of these.

He’s not the best action figure in my collection, but his size, durability, and color make him a fun figure. Plus, he’s got massive fists to smash stuff with. Like the poor Nazi figure in the photo above. That guy is doomed.

For more on the Grey Hulk check this review at Hulk Collection, and don’t miss the photos at Cool Toy Review.

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Philip Reed really does want a Blue Hulk. Does that make him weak?

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  1. I am casualy collecting these figures. I think I got 8 of them. I finally went out and bought red hulk yesturday. Couldnt find it but my LCS had one and I got a good deal at $9.99 I will probably buy the grey hulk as well.

  2. I’ve got all the MU except fat-head Punisher and some variants I don’t feel I need, e.g. Spidey. Its been a pretty good line so far.

  3. I’m getting some figures from this line. I don’t have any version of Hulk yet, but Red Hulk and the comic pack Green Hulk are on the way through the mail. I might pick up a Grey if I like those two.

  4. You know,I was at a local Target,and I noticed a different version Marvel Universe Spider-Man figure.

    I mean he was red and blue,but his web design and spider logo were different.

    Has anybody ever come across this Spidey
    figure before?

  5. I’m not sure…….he might have been though.

    I think the blue parts of his costume were
    a little darker.

    It wasn’t like he was that “spider-clone”
    version……know what I mean?Just a little

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