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I suggest that unless you want to spend $50 today it may be best if you close this review right now. The Masters of the Universe Classics Griffin* is one of the better releases in an already-impressive series, and when compared to the cost of the basic action figures in the line this giant beast is one hell of a great deal. And when I say giant I’m serious: the Griffin is about 13-inches long and those wings stretch out to cover 18-inches from tip to tip. This toy demands a large chunk of display space . . . but it is totally worth that space.

A Ride for Beast Man

Beast Man was the very first Masters of the Universe Classics action figure I reviewed (review here), and looking back at that review I can see just how dramatically different my reviews are today. Wow, how did you guys ever even read those older reviews? Don’t click the link; if I had unlimited time I would redo so many reviews on the site . . .

Anyway, the Masters of the Universe Classics Griffin* makes an incredible ride for Beast Man and there was no way that this review would be complete without Beast Man in the Griffin’s saddle. My one and only complaint with the Griffin is that figures just kinda balance on the saddle; I would have loved to have seen some way to lock the figure to the saddle.

Great Design

The Masters of the Universe Classics Griffin* is yet another example of creative parts reuse in the line and how Mattel is making it possible to produce so many cool figures by adapting existing parts to new ideas. The wings are from Swiftwind, the body from Battle Cat, and then a new head, tail, saddle, and hind legs were added to put together a completely new — and fantastic — toy. I’m clearly not a toy designer because not once did I look at Battle Cat and say to myself: “I bet he would make an awesome Griffin.”

Gotta Love that Head!

Absolutely the best new part used in creating the Masters of the Universe Classics Griffin*, the four-eyed head is loaded with character, with nicks and scratches in the articulated beak making it look like the Griffin has seen a lot of action. I wish there were better horizontal neck movement on the toy — the head sorta rotates in place for side-to-side articulation, with the sculpt restricting any significant movement — but the sculpt and wide-opening beak more than make up for the limited neck movement.

What Makes it So Incredible?

The size, sculpt, paint, and even the poseability of the Masters of the Universe Classics Griffin* all come together to make me say this is an awesome beast for almost any Masters of the Universe action figure to ride and with Beast Man displayed on the saddle it’s so incredibly fun that I wish I had some sort of hefty stand so that I could display the Griffin in flight. Mattel takes some abuse from the fan community at times, but when it comes to this toy the company really delivered a masterpiece.

Closing Thoughts

I’ll just admit that I’m not being at all objective when it comes to the Masters of the Universe Classics Griffin* because of how much I love the look andbecause the toy holds its balance well and hasn’t shown any signs it has problems standing. For other reviews I suggest searching the web — reviews at review and will get you started — but I’m also comfortable in saying you should skip all other reviews and go buy this toy now before the price rises.

It’s toys like this Griffin that remind me why the Masters of the Universe Classics series is fun: Fun, reasonably priced (especially when compared to basic figures in the line), and absolutely an amazing sculpt and paintwork. Mattel should definitely make another beast for the line because if it’s anywhere near as fun as this design any new beast will be a very welcome addition to the Masters of the Universe Classics menagerie.

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    1. That would look cool, actually, but I intend to use him with small Joes; I love combining Joes with giants and monsters and the like.

      They look awesome alongside Procrustus!

  1. @Monte – Okay, I can see where taking the saddle off would make this a great monster for Joes to fight. Let’s see if Raptor can command this beast!

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