Review – Transformers Midnight Megatron

Part of the Loyal Subjects’ series of collectible Transformers toys (pre-order at Entertainment Earth*), Midnight Megatron here was the SDCC exclusive offered at the Loyal Subjects’ booth at the con. I like to call him “Tron Megatron,” for obvious reasons, and at $15 I thought he turned out to be a great little exclusive toy.


I love exactly this type of packaging where we can remove the toy and then instantly pop it back in; no tape or seals of any sort at all, making this one you can display carded, loose, or even swap the display as often as you like. Plus, the design and artwork on the card are both excellent.

Sculpt and Paint

One of the things I’ve noticed about this entire series is that all of the bodies, arms, and legs use the exact same sculpt; only the heads are unique sculpts! The other difference is that Starscream and Thundercracker have holes in their backs where the wings snap in, and each figure has a unique weapon, but otherwise the Loyal Subjects did a great job of reusing basic parts and then letting the head and paint apps do the work of making each toy look different.

And both the sculpts and paint apps are clean and very professional. I suspect these were computer designed because of how smooth and sharp all of the shapes are, but however they were made they were created beautifully and I’m happy with the look of Megatron . . . and every other toy from the series that I’ve opened so far.


These collectible Transformers toys (pre-order at Entertainment Earth*) actually have more articulation than I was first expecting when I saw pics of the toys several months ago. Every joint is a simple swivel, but with joints at the neck, waist, shoulders, and wrists there are enough swivels that you can get some decent poseability out of the designs.

Closing Thoughts

I love it, and I’m glad I grabbed not only Midnight Megatron but also an entire display of the toys. I know Transformers toys that don’t transform can seem kinda weird, but when they’re little desktop collectibles like the toys in this series then all I ask for is great designs and professional quality work. And Midnight Megatron has both . . . as well as a neat Tron-like feel. Recommended to anyone who loves the look of the toy and can find one for $15 or $20.

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  1. @Paul – I know, I keep feeling weird saying “Tron Megatron,” but it really does feel right. If you’re thinking about giving these toys a try I say do it!

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