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I was about to link to a specific post when I decided that the best thing was to just direct all of you at the Space: 1970 blog. I don’t remember seeing this site before, but now that I’ve spent almost thirty minutes reading through old posts there’s no way I’ll forget to not check this at least a few times each week.

Visit Space: 1970!

So journey with us back to the days when special effects were created by skillful hands and spaceships were detailed models, when robots were obligatory comedy relief, when square-jawed heroes and cloaked villains battled among the stars — and the future was fun!

To help you get started at the blog here are a few direct links for you to enjoy:

There. Those should keep you happy this morning. Just don’t blame me when you dig deeper into the site and lose track of time.

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3 thoughts on “Space: 1970 Blog

  1. What I really like – aside from the fact that it’s totally my era – is that it’s got some great, ”lost” gems alongside the more well-known stuff. And having a load of British telefantasy in there doesn’t hurt, either!

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