Spotted Online – Fan Reactions to a Wave of New Batmen

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As the DC Universe Classics ( search*) and Batman Legacy ( search*) action figure lines transition to their new “Unlimited” designations I’m noticing some once hardcore DC action figure collectors are turning a bit upset with Mattel. One common complaint I’m seeing is “too many Batman toys,” which is kinda funny considering how tough it was to find a DC Universe Classics Batman at retail during the line’s run.

I’ve watched the comments at three different sites —

— and the comments appear to be all over the place. I personally think the Injustice Batman (at right) looks incredible; for me it’s that Dark Knight Rises Batman that looks a bit off.

Anyway, check the three sites for pics and info on the upcoming toys. Batman Unlimited looks like it will have some figures I want (wave one info here), as does DC Unlimited, but I just hope these aren’t impossible to find in stores. I’ve never had the greatest luck with Mattel’s DC Universe Classics so there’s no telling how easy these will be to find in stores.

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6 thoughts on “Spotted Online – Fan Reactions to a Wave of New Batmen

  1. I love Batman. Favorite comic hero ever. I love most of the different takes on this awesome character. The fact that we can collect these myriad figures is great. Phil, I know you and I enjoy the Play Arts Arkham figs, but there are those that don’t like the look. “To each his own said the woman as she kissed her cow.” I personally pre-ordered the new Batman figs, and can’t wait to get them. DKR could stand a little tweaking, but still looks pretty darn close to Mr. Millers vision. I say, Mattel and the 4-H should create and sell as many versions of B-Man as possible. $18 is a price point I can live with.

  2. I really need the TDKR and Zur-en-arrh Batmen, so much so I am actually considering pre-ordering, as I have zero faith in Mattel’s distributions.

    Sadly I also have zero faith in their QC, which means I may end up with a crappy figure or figures.

    So do I risk crappy figures but assure I get them, or wait and hope I find them in stores and can actually pick between two or three to get the best paint apps and correct parts assembly etc?


    BTW what surprises me most about the TDKR Batman is that it’s essentially a MOTUC Batman parts-wise!

  3. I have never received a crappy fig from Love this store. Just received Mattel New 52 Batman, in just 4 days from ordering, and it’s perfect. Cool fig, cool outfit, good paint. No accessories though. I live in Market 163 (Florida) and our stores believe no one in G’ville likes action figures apparently. Ordering is best for me. I’ve had good luck with Amazon and EBay as well. It’s always a risk I guess. Love getting those boxes sitting outside my door…the little kid in me is alive and well!

  4. @BubbaShelhy – Did you see the post at It’s All True about the parts reuse?

    The scale strikes me as a potential problem. And it sounds like Mattel would have been better off developing a generic action figure body before starting any new line. If the deal with DC is that DC owns every piece of action figures designed for their line then Mattel has a lot of wasted tooling when they lose the DC license.

  5. Thanks for the link Philip – it’s as I suspected and in fact I have no problem with the scale, as TDKR Batman should be massive and tower over all others.

    Zach, you’re helping push me towards pre-order. I think I’ll go for it. I just need these two and don’t want to risk missing out!

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