Spotted Online – More Cy-Chop Bashing

Poor Cy-Chop. This Masters of the Universe Classics action figure just can’t get any love, can he? Today at Poe’s site there’s a Cy-Chop review by Doc Thomas and this might be the harshest review of the toy that I’ve read so far. Okay, I clearly need to pop open Cy-Chop ASAP and review him; I personally think the design looks neat and maybe once I open the figure I’ll understand why he’s so unloved.

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Overall, Cy-Chop is a completely bizarre action figure. As much as I like him in concept and his big ridiculous blades, his strange slapped-together sculpt and awful paint don’t hold up to close examination.

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2 thoughts on “Spotted Online – More Cy-Chop Bashing

  1. @Poe Ghostal – I’m looking forward to that. I had intended to open Cy-Chop today . . . and then I took a nap. One lazy day. But Cy-Chop has to get some play time with me very soon.

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