Spotted Online – The Fwoosh Tackles Bigfoot Toys of the Seventies

If you only read one thing today then it must be “Bigfoot Toys of the 1970s!” at The Fwoosh. From the Six Million Dollar Man to Evel Knievel it seems like every toy line of the seventies must have had their own take on the Bigfoot legend. Hell, even if you don’t read the post you have to click through and look at all of the photos.

This G.I. Joe Adventure Team box is just one reason why I cannot stop looking at the Adventure Team toys of the seventies. And hey, seeing this box art makes me again ask: Where’s my book of G.I. Joe Adventure Team packaging artwork?

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5 thoughts on “Spotted Online – The Fwoosh Tackles Bigfoot Toys of the Seventies

  1. And even more importantly, where’s the modern Adventure Team 3 3/4” figures at retail? Seriously, if Hasbro are worried that ”war toys” are bad, I don’t understand why they haven’t repeated the past and eschewed the militaristic toys in favor of a world explorer/adventurer team (and a cartoon – imagine the possibilities!)

  2. They did some collector club-exclusive Adventure Team figures (and vehicles!) which I thought were awesome.

    It just seems odd that if Hasbro are looking for a new hook for a line/animated series, that they haven’t re-visited the AT line. It’s far more flexible than any of the other Joe vs Cobra stuff they’ve put out over the last few years…

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