Starriors and Motobots at Toy City in 1984

November 29, 1984. Out of The Los Angeles Times comes two ad blocks from a larger Toy City advertisement. Which two blocks? Starriors and Motobots! Two very different robot toy lines of 1984, and both of which eventually failed at retail and have vanished from our modern lives. Starriors really do need to come back one of these days . . .

For even more Starriors ads, please see the BattleGrip Starriors album on Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Starriors and Motobots at Toy City in 1984

  1. Starriors! Man, I had a bunch of those. Always wanted the playset that looked like a snake.

    Glad you’re back at blogging Phil–I’ve missed these posts!

  2. Jay, thanks!

    Office has been even busier than usual and it’s tough finding the time to post. I’m hoping things are getting back to normal . . . oops. Nope. Off to Essen tomorrow!

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