Totally Tubular ’80s Toys and LJN’s Dungeons & Dragons

Recently here at I’ve shared a few old newspaper ads for LJN’s Dungeons & Dragons toys (one ad, a second ad), and despite my repeated requests we still don’t have a book dedicated to these toys. Damn.

What we do have, though, are three pages in Mark Bellomo’s Totally Tubular ’80s Toys*. You may remember that I wrote about this book way back in 2010, and even today I stand behind my recommendation of the title. Every single one of you reading should have a copy of Bellomo’s book. It’s a fun and fantastic collection, and you should buy one before it becomes tough to find and pricey.

Surprisingly, the Google book archives show us the three pages of Dungeons & Dragons toys in Totally Tubular ’80s Toys*. This is no replacement for the actual book, but you can check this out for an idea of just how incredibly fun the book is to read.

Now we just need Mark to expand these three pages into a full book of nothing but LJN Dungeons & Dragons toys. I’d happily buy a copy.

Enlarge Image!
Enlarge Image!