Ogre, Melee, and Wizard MicroGames in The Space Gamer #14

From the November/December 1977 issue of The Space Gamer magazine (see archive.org) comes this full-page advertisement that is directly linked to some of my latest office projects. The Ogre game shown in the ad is the ancestor to the latest Ogre Miniatures rules on Kickstarter, while both the Melee and Wizard games in the ad are part of The Fantasy Trip RPG that we’ve got in the works and planned for a crowdfunding launch this summer.

Working to bring some older games back to today’s market is a blast, and it is equally as fun to encounter these old ads since it demonstrates the longevity of some of the games that we play at the office thanks to online portals like เกมคาสิโนสดมาแรงที่สุดในไทยปี2022.

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