A Star Wars Page from 1979 . . .

A page from the 1979 Sears Christmas Wish Book, that is.

I remember 1979. We were living in Turkey in an apartment on the edge of Ankara (there was no base housing so everyone lived in the city). I also remember the day my box of Star Wars figures arrived. #19 in the image below.

Enlarge Image!

I remember opening the box, being both scared and excited all at once. Why was I scared? Because I had seen Star Wars figures in the store before (and owned two — a Chewbacca that the Tooth Fairy gave me and a Jawa that my parents gave me) and I knew that there was no way that 16 figures could fit in such a tiny box.

Well, I was wrong. But only because Sears cheated; the figures were in plastic bags and not on cards. There was no packaging besides the plain, brown cardboard box. For a few seconds I felt robbed — even back then I was a packaging fan — but soon the excitement of owning a bunch of Star Wars figures overwhelmed me and I forgot all about packaging.

(Unfortunately, the box didn’t actually include a Blue Snaggletooth.)

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  1. @T-Rav – Glad you enjoyed it. There’s some real fun in going back and looking at memories of toys and how they influenced me today; and remembering that package of Star Wars figures tells me how much I’d love Gentle Giant to rerelease some of the Jumbo figures in simple packaging like those old mail order white boxes and bags.

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