Spotted Online – Star Wars Fan Animation Kicks Ass!

Okay, Disney. You need to slap Lucasfilm around for a few weeks until they chase down Otaking77077 and arm him with a staff and budget to create a direct-to-DVD Star Wars film that grabs the promise of this two minute segment and creates an entire film. Why? Just watch and I think you’ll see why.

The Clone Wars* is neat and all, but nothing can beat animation with some heart and love behind it. Computer animated works just simply aren’t as exciting as traditional work . . .

1 thought on “Spotted Online – Star Wars Fan Animation Kicks Ass!

  1. Wow that is INSANE! Looks like Star Wars with an 80s Robotech feel. My guess is it’s not all hand illustrated but uses some cel-shading on CG animated models. Either way, it’s really impressive!

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