Affiliate Link – Batman DC Comics 4-Inch Mini-Statue

At only $6, this Batman DC Comics 4-Inch Mini-Statue* is one tempting collectible . . . until I take a closer look and notice just how many of these little Batman statues there are. Woah! I never imagined there could be so many 4-inch Batman statues in one place. Though a hanging shelf loaded with these would look very cool . . .

Buy at Entertainment Earth!*

The superheroes and villains of the DC Universe get the 4-inch figure treatment! The Batman DC Comics 4-Inch Mini-Statue is great. It features the Dark Knight in the midst of an assault standing atop a circular base. Ages 4 and up.

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2 thoughts on “Affiliate Link – Batman DC Comics 4-Inch Mini-Statue

  1. hmm, most of all the other statues description are saying 2 3/ 4 ” scale – so they are much smaller than 4 inches (which must be by this guy a copy+paste description mistake by the staff – – to make you even like this offer).
    also the mentioning of no materials makes me suspicious that this guy is a plastic gumball machine toy on a stand for 6 bucks.

  2. @Ralph – I thought I saw others that said 4-inches. Great, now I’m wondering if there are two different lines or if there’s a big mistake. I’ll just look away from the toys and pretend they don’t exist; no reason to be tempted to play test subject and order one.

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