Spy Monkey Creations’ Armory Releases Today

The Glyos System (Onell Design) compatible weapons sets from Spy Monkey Creations (blog) are set for release today at noon pacific time. Priced at $20/set, these new weapons — often shown with Masters of the Universe Classics action figures — may be cool on their own, but it’s their potential as new building bits that has me most excited about the upcoming release.

Visit Spy Monkey Creations!
Visit Spy Monkey Creations!

See this post at Spy Monkey Creations for release details and info on the weapons, but for the real fun take a look at the Glyos Transmission Web Log. Matt Doughty has constructed robots and insectoid designs using the various Spy Monkey Creations parts and his designs clearly give all of us a lot of great ideas.

Visit the Glyos Transmission Web Log!
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1 thought on “Spy Monkey Creations’ Armory Releases Today

  1. I gotta order another set or two of these, probably one in black/red or gun-metal/silver as those are some nice colors to build with.

    Why are Glyos toys like Pringles chips? They’re addictively fun to play & build with. O_o..

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